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Back To (CBD) School

Back To (CBD) School

Back. To. School.

Those dreaded three words you hear as a young person that automatically translates to 'urghhh end of summer'.

For us, as adults and this year especially, we will not be dragging our heels back to the school gates but instead September and the BTS concept is about embracing two key things:


1) Setting up and settling into a regular rhythm and a healthy routine

The kids are back in the classroom and the pathway is slowly clearing for us all to settle into a bit more of a rhythm with our schedules. At beleaf we are putting the focus onto setting up routine habits that make us feel good, whether they are previous favourites that have fallen by the wayside or forming brand new ones. Common themes within the team are;

  • Setting stricter wake up times (no more alarm snoozing)
  • Eating at set times of the day (and back to 3 meals not 15673 snacks)
  • Morning juices (getting fruit and veg in us early in the day, with a few drops of CBD too ofcourse!)


 2) Engaging our brains again and getting back into learning mode

Back to CBD School. Each week throughout September we will be ramping up the education and putting out new blogs with the aim to help you learn abit more about what CBD actually is. Head over to 'CBD: The Basics' for your first lesson.



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