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Getting it right for the 'impossible to buy for'

Getting it right for the 'impossible to buy for'

The impossible to buy fors...
You love them but they make you want to pull your hair out!
They sit in two categories. Either they
'really don't want anything, honestly' but then hand you a beautifully wrapped personalised gift because they 'just couldn't resit'


They shrug and give ZERO indication of what really makes them tick by saying 'anything would be absolutely lovely.'

Hmmm, well here is how we deal with these characters...
'I really don't want anything'...
Ok, maybe they are telling the truth but having something small up your sleeve won't do any harm. Chose something that won't sit around their house long taking up space, and that can be shared with others.
These cans look and taste the part and are much nicer (and prettier) than many nick-knacks that end up stuck on some shelf. Available in Elderflower, Citrus, Rose & Raspberry flavours, these are great as a gin mixer or as a tasty sugar-free alcohol-free alternative.
PASO CBD Chocolate
Handmade in small batches in London, these indulgent chocolate slabs will impress even the fussiest of people and can be enjoyed immediately.
Green Stem Fruit Gummies
Beautifully packaged in a rose gold tin, these gummies are a bit of fun and a fruity and convenient way to introduce a sceptical someone to the benefits of CBD.
'Anything would be absolutely lovely'...
Here we recommend a low maintenance gift that looks great but is practical and doesn't have lots of complicated bits and pieces.
CUBID Revive Stay Active Gel
Great for a tricky customer, this beautifully packaged but practical gel is calming and cooling for old aching joints or sporty lifestyles and active muscles. 

Kaneh Hair & Body Soap
A 2 in 1 that actually works, low maintenance and great for the gym and travelling. No need for conditioner or moisturiser - honestly!
HolyWeed Wellness CBD Oil 4%
Happy with anything? Sounds like an invitation to introduce them to something new. CBD is always an engaging Christmas day conversation starter too.

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