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Hello, I’m Simon, co-founder of Green Stem.
I think people really appreciate hearing about the back story - how we got into CBD - and actually for me personally, what I love most about this job, is hearing how our products are helping people come off their medications, easing pain and aiding anxiety.
Essentially, 18 months ago I heard about CBD, and purchased some for my mother to see if it could help with her arthritic hands. I had to force her to take it (literally) as she is a sceptic, 70 odd year old, and as you can imagine, thought Cannabis automatically meant ‘drugs’. 

Anyway, she took it on the Friday morning with me, and promised me she would take it again in the evening. The next morning, I woke up late having been out partying, to 3 missed calls from her, and 4 missed calls from my brother. Thinking something was wrong, I called her immediately and she said she absolutely couldn’t believe it – in those 24 hours, she had the best nights sleep she has had for years, and her aches and pains had gone. In 24 hours! 

So my brother, Brett, phoned to say, "Si – you don’t do much! There’s something in this, why don’t we do something together?” 

Could I work with him? After a long period of thought, I agreed and GS was born. We launched in March 2019 with 4 products and won the top 5 awards out of 180 other manufacturers, completely to our surprise. That fast tracked us into Boots 2 months later …we have carried on to win 10 awards, including the coveted best oil twice in a row and are the most awarded CBD company in the UK.
Green Stem is about quality, and educating the consumer. We’re not jumping on the bandwagon as some companies are to make a quick buck. Our CBD comes from the finest growing conditions in Colorado. The altitude, weather, thousands of year old mountain water all add to the best quality Hemp crops in the world. Please note that there are cheaper alternatives from Eastern Europe, and even China … and they don’t compare, and I believe that these are important factors which make us the award winning company that we are, and one of the most trusted.
Even though CBD is fairly new in the UK, people are beginning to look at alternative remedies that are natural. Considering we as mammals produce it naturally (which most people don’t know) and it regulates our wellness, we are trying to educate consumers that this will aid, especially in these troubling times – sleep (which is essential for boosting ones immune system), mental state (anxiety), pain relief and general wellness. 

Again with the lockdown, the fitness people among us are doing lots of running, and training from home, along with washing hands constantly. Therefore the topical products, hand cream/muscle balm etc are proving popular for aching muscle recovery and remedying dry cracked hands.

We love nothing more than hearing how our products are changing people's lives. There is no greater satisfaction knowing that through education, CBD is becoming at the forefront of peoples minds as a natural alternative to modern day medications.

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