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The Story of má CBD

The Story of má CBD

má CBD started life in 2016, one of the first entrants into the UK market, quickly developing a loyal customer base for our premium range of CBD vape oils and droppers. 

Our focus has unreservedly been about product quality. While our competitors market 5% CBD vapes, we created something more powerful at 15%. For the oral droppers, again we offer a 20% version in addition to a 5% concentration. Always organic, always full spectrum for both vape and oils, containing all the goodies of terpenes and cannabinoids from the magic hemp plant. We seek to maintain the highest levels of integrity and taste in the market and from the feedback we’ve received, we seem to have struck a chord with our customers, who return again and again for our products.

My names is Patrick Folkes and I founded and run the business. In earlier days in the late 1990’s, I also started up another very healthy company! It was called PJ Smoothies, the first company to offer 100% natural fruit smoothies in the UK, which we grew to sales of approaching 20 million bottles a year, hot in competition with Innocent Smoothies. I quickly learned then that success was all about the quality of your offering. Customers were happy to pay a premium price for a premium product and those lessons remain relevant today with the má CBD range.

Also, we offer a different format to nearly all other CBD vendors. A tiny 1ml bottle. 'The One' we call it! Our special little 1ml packs a huge punch in terms of both performance and flavour. Don’t be deceived by it’s small size. Unlike the vast majority of CBD vapes on offer, with má you can actually FEEL the relaxation too, after a few puffs. In these especially stressful days that we suddenly find ourselves living in, this has never been more important. We all need balance.

Also, our health as never before is under the microscope. To defend our wellbeing from horrible viruses, our bodies need to be in the best condition possible and surely anything healthy that relaxes you too, has to be a good thing, no?

London based, we carry on today in this ‘lock-down’ as we always have, despite the challenging circumstances for all small businesses. Deliveries are still made daily from our Surrey based warehouse, with all the security of cleanliness and social distancing that you would expect. While Royal Mail is a little slower than normal, typically 2-3 days from your order, your má package will pop through your letter box to help ease the pressures of life and lift your spirits. 

We all wish you the best of health, balance, happiness and má Relaxation, wherever and whenever possible. None of us can have too much of that! 

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