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Yugenial Head Roller

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Containing a unique, pro-absorption blend of carrier oils infused with CBD and Terpenes. Designed to provide easy application to power and pressure points around the body. We recommend using it on temples. Please note that the distinctive aroma of this product comes from the natural Terpenes, which aid in pulling the CBD across the skin barrier. 

Each 10ml bottle contains 300mg of isolated CBD. Cannabidiol is an active compound extracted from our organic hemp. Terpenes are a family of compounds from the same plant, that give Cannabis its unique smell. Citrus plants have them as well. The Terpenoids found in CBD-rich Cannabis strains play a role in moving CBD across skin barriers for transdermal delivery.

Directions for use

The absolute amount of CBD in this product is 300mg, the concentration is therefore 3%. Therefore each 1ml useage will give you a dose of 30mg. 

Top tip

Apply to temples to help ease tension

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