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About us

We at beleaf believe that CBD has many therapeutic and holistic benefits to improve the everyday lives of our consumers. To achieve such a goal, we scoured the continent for the purest, cleanest way to produce our products.

We are one of the only Swiss Certified Organic hemp farms in the world! Our farms are nestled at the base of the Swiss Alps, where every cannabis plant is hand planted with care, and blossoms naturally under the sun. This nurturing environment produces our high-CBD hemp flowers containing high levels of cannabinoinds and terpenes.  After we pick our harvest, we test and process our cannabis plants in our labs which then end up on the shelves of ours stores based in Geneva and London.  You never have to worry about quality being compromised…everything is verified through us.

Each product's certificate of analysis is kept in store to ensure safety and quality. beleaf aims to be your go-to premium CBD wellness brand to benefit you in all areas of life. That’s why we offer a broad range of top-quality products, from tinctures to bath products and everything in between. We have also partnered with 10+ premium CBD brands to ensure our customers are offered nothing but the best of what they desire.

It is our mission to pioneer the progressive change in normalising and regulating cannabis use by providing a retail experience to educate and engage the public.  We want to offer superior products that are equally premium, affordable and accessible to the UK and beyond.  We are here to help understand our customers, their needs and assist in finding premium CBD products that can help aide their everyday lives. 

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