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Holistik Stress



For all those days when it seems like even the weather’s conspiring against you. Stay calm, stay focused, and stay centred with a proprietary blend of 10mg broad-spectrum CBD Wellness and lemon balm extract. Stir your way to peace of mind with the HOLISTIK Wellness Stress Stik, made with water-soluble CBD.

Water-soluble CBD is CBD that completely dissolves in water — leaving no residue or texture. Your body also absorbs water-soluble CBD better, since it doesn’t have to be digested before it’s put to use. HOLISTIK’s solubility in water also allows it to mix better with a wide variety of beverages. This allows you to get creative with your CBD-infused beverages for any time of day, anywhere!

Directions For Use:

Simply PEEL off the sticker and STIR it into your beverage, or POP off the bottom plug and POUR it in. Stir for 15–30 seconds and enjoy!


Hemp Oil (Aerial Plant Parts)(Cannabidiol (CBD) BSP),

lemon balm extract (melissa officinalis L..) 430 mg, maltodextrin, lemon flavour 30 mg, monk fruit (siratia grosvenori) 15 mg.


Top Tip:

The citrus notes mix well with green tea, black tea, or water. Like all Stiks, it tastes great with almost anything, so try it with your favourite beverage!

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